Relation Frustrations.

It’s obvious from the title that this isn’t going to be a skincare post.

So, this has been my first blog post in months, needless to say it has been well overdue. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the bustle of our daily life and we stress over the minutiae aspects that they can overwhelm and even consume valuable time. It is safe to say that I essentially lost track of my few main priorities in an attempt to juggle all my responsibilities and duties.

But if I’m completely honest with you and I, most of my precious time was spent wracking my brain about what I was to do regarding my relationship. Trouble in paradise, as ‘cringey’ as it is to admit. In all honesty the past few months, which is pretty much the whole of this new year (if we can still call it that), has been stressful and disappointing relationship-wise and channelling so much energy and attention into sustaining an unstable relationship has honestly caused me to lose focus of my other goals. Now my interest in everything I was once immersed in is now wavering and I see myself feigning interest with everything outside my immediate self and my private sphere relationship with my boyfriend. Every day is an argument and every night is a fight for a solution. Thank God it’s midnight is all I can say.

So, I’ve written this blog post more as a means of purging my ‘troubles’, so that I can accept and move on from them. So, here’s to a fresh start; to taking back control of my happiness; to let sleeping dogs lie; and hope for a better tomorrow.

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